First followers

I just love this YouTube video called “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy”. Particularly the observation, that first followers actually transform a lone nut into a leader. This is so true at least in my case! Also, new followers will actually follow the first followers, not the leader. And without more followers, there obviously will be no movement.

So, I am extremely happy to write that first followers of Gajatri Studios and its first game production have emerged, and courageously decided to follow this “lone nut” with a great social yoga game concept!

We have closed product financing from Mediatonic, a Finnish games and media brands capital fund. Press coverage can be found from In the Press section. Also, AVEK (Audiovisuaalisen kulttuurin edistämiskeskus) in Finland decided to support the game prototyping phase with some funding.

A lead developer of the game will start Feb 1st, more information on him to follow, but we’ve worked earlier together so it is really a priviledge for me to get to do that again.

And last, but not least. Timo Lappi, Chairman of the Boardman2020 network and Legal Counsel at Fondia, has been and is a truly valuable contributor to the company. Thank you Timo.

With those news, I wish all the best for you for 2012 and welcome more followers to join the movement!


PS. Here is the link to the great video: