Take me down to the paradise island!

Some of the feedback we’ve received regarding the Kickstarter campaign is that from player point of view we reveal too little what’s going on in the game…

So we decided to let you know that all of this practising and teaching of yoga will take place in your own little tropical paradise island. In addition to yoga and healing of your customers, you’ll be able to expand the place further and have even more fun!

Kickstarter campaign kicks off

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A Finnish well-being games entrepreneur’s social yoga game seeks crowdfunding

A Finnish well-being games entrepreneur’s Tiina Zilliacus’ yoga-themed Facebook game is seeking funding via US based crowdfunding service Kickstarter. Crowdfunding means collection of small amounts of funding from large number of people. Zilliacus’ company, Gajatri Studios, started a campaign in Kickstarter on Monday 07/05/2012.

- Kickstarter is the most important crowdfunding service for creative projects in the world, allowing anyone with a credit card to support projects with an interesting idea and to help those projects into fruition. The collected funding levels range from a few thousands to millions of dollars, Tiina Zilliacus says.

In addition to funding, objective is that social yoga game project becomes known to people in US and attracts enthousiastic first users for the game.

- We are making the game for women interested in yoga as well as for their friends, who already enjoy and are playing on Facebook. It is possible that we are first in the world offering this type of authentic well-being content within a social games format. It is truly helpful if Kickstarter project gets people excited and soon beginning test period pleases beta players. I hope as many people as possible find their way to the campaign site to learn more on the yoga game and why I needed to create it, Zilliacus says.

Campaign page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/438629238/social-yoga-game-introduction-to-us-audience