GirlsInTech 1st of June

Had just an amazing day at GirlsInTech London launch yesterday. So many inspirational women and their views from different angles to the box: tech, new media, social, mobile etc. If you are a start up entrepreneur, do check out the excellent presentation from Collette Ballou

Grateful for Roxanne, Ella and Mihiri for having had the opportunity to present myself and looking forward to the next events in near future! You can read more from GirlsInTech from Next Women,, TechCrunch:, or The Next Web

Soft launch of the yoga game is getting nearer. I’ve decided to put the game out without much marketing in June for all of you who follow us to try it out first. I’ve been talking about it for so long now that I feel it is fair that you guys get finally to try it out. Hope we will get a lot of feedback and then turn on a bigger gear.

Greetings from London, happy Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend for everyone (I absolutely need to get one of those Lanson bottles with Union Jack sock from Heathrow on my way home)!