How Are Breathing Exercises Beneficial?

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The yoga breathing exercises help in living longer, help in having a good mood and increases self-esteem. Breathing detoxifies and releases toxins, releases tension, relaxes the mind, body and brings clarity, breathing relieves emotional stress and pain, it helps to massage your organs, it strengthens the immune system, improves posture and increases digestion and assimilation of food. Breathing in yoga is given a lot of importance and is considered as the core of yoga and mindfulness. The deep diaphragmatic breathing postures and exercises help an individual to be more confident, focused and take care of the heart.

The Popularity of the Game

The mobile game has been played all over the world and is getting the love and addiction like any other top mobile games. The game is available in the IOS and android devices, if you consider playing an excellent yoga game that helps you improve your heart rate as well, you can download it on your mobile devices and enjoy.

The hearth and breath feature are now made also available for IOS devices with the Bluetooth support of 4.0 in iPhones (6 plus, 6, 5s, 5, and 4s), iPads (mini, Air, 3rd and 4th generation), and iPod touch. However, the android version of the game will be having the Hearth and Breath feature soon.

Bringing Yoga Into Playful Mobile Games

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Mobile technology has its impact in the Healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical industry. Mobile apps are a great help to the doctors, fitness experts, hospital management staff, as well as patients. There are places where Doctors prescribe their patients through these mobile apps. In this fast paced life, people have turned out to be more concerned about their wellness and their wellbeing. The daily schedule includes morning and evening exercises as well as managing calorie intakes. The applications help them with the nutrition and calorie intake.

The Yoga Mobile Game

The latest technologies and innovative ideas have reached to such a level that now you can also enjoy playing yoga mobile games. World’s first yoga-themed mobile game is the Yoga retreat. It is an in-game featured game that challenges the player for a regular breathing practice. In the game, the player begins a journey where they manage their own type of yoga retreat on a tropical island.

This game offers in-app purchases and is free-to-play. This game is a mobile game that includes playful healthy content, a device that measures heart rate and a mobile device all into one experience. These games are playful applications that require heart rate monitors or else smart watches that are attached to the mobile devices of the player.

The main objective of this game is to inspire and motivate actual health impact in the player’s life. Adding verified heart rate data encourages the players to take the challenges to a yoga themed game. The developers of this game excelled to the top by adding the real heart rate feature to the game.

Now along with the addition of simulation gaming and yoga videos, players can practice through the feature of Heart and breath. With the help of playing this game, now the players can see the health benefits of the breathing exercises that influence heart rate while doing the yoga practices. The players also get to follow the development of their yoga practice through statistics.