How Portland Marketing Offline and Online Ensure Business Success

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Portland online marketing experts combine both off-line and online strategies by implementing a bit

of the old and the new to improve the effectiveness of your ads. Besides, as the owner of a

business, you should avoid falling victim to binary thinking where you think either black or white. An

example of this would be to think that email marketing is way better than direct marketing. You may

follow the advice of some business guru who tend to think that internet marketing is the only way to

become successful.

Far from it. The truth is that any business will boost their business success through combining a

multitude of offline and online marketing strategies. Portland SEO Experts like Moving Mountains

Advisors will tell show you why businesses need to integrate offline and online marketing.

What is search engine optimization ?

The Role Television Plays

Even though most of you would think that nothing can beat advertising on TV, the mere growth of

internet video nowadays is sure to spur marketers on to change their tactics. In fact, many people

watches far less TV than ever before. As much as 82 percent of international internet users

watches videos online. Many would watch TV on their desktop, smartphone, laptops or tablets.

This is a sure indication that marketers can no longer depend on advertising aired on TV. For you

to reach your target audience, you should incorporate modern internet marketing strategies such

as the ones practised by a reputed Portland Online Advertising company.

One of these would be to utilize video or banner ads on YouTube. In a similar way through various

social media channels, businesses can reach their target audiences with the right marketing


The Use of Radio Advertising

Although radio proves to be one of the oldest forms of advertising it still remains a profitable and

useful tool for businesses. According to Nielsen as much as 59 percent of music listeners in the US

listen to either online or traditional radio. Even in our digital age, there are certain advantages to

using radio that is hard to duplicate digitally. An example of this would be when commuters listen to

their radio while they are off to work. Why not make use of a clever offline ad compiled for you by

Expert Portland SEO firms so listeners can pay attention to your advertising message.

Also, radio apps get uses a lot and give marketers a fair chance of attracting local commuter

audiences. Experienced online marketers in Portland Oregon have what it take to ensure

businesses reach a large percentage of this audience.

Print Media and Internet Marketing

Make no mistake, magazine and newspaper advertising suffered tremendously thanks to internet

technology. Some would even go as far as stating that the print media is dead. However, the print

media manages to gain the trust of close to 70 percent of US adults who would wholeheartedly

believe what they are told. The trust shown by readers can easily translate into action. As much as

55 percent of magazine and newspaper readers are inclined to purchase a new product when they

see it being advertised in a one of these offline advertising mediums.

Integrating print media with internet marketing is not as complicated as you may think it to be. All

you need to do is include an email or website address on a printed ad or offer print coupons for a

product that is made available online. Recent studies showed that 60 percent of internet users

made use of a coupon they got from their local magazine or newspaper. Have you thought of

putting a press release together, but are not sure how to make it count?

Even though you can have a press release online, it makes sense to have an event covered by

your local news media as people in the area would be more receptive to the information shared,

which is super effective when you introduce a new brand or product line. The various forms of

offline and online marketing mediums in Portland Oregon, created an environment where any

given form of marketing is no longer a catch-all for business owners.

The best way to increase revenues is to utilize the expertise of a Portland SEO by Moving Mountains where they

offer worry-free month to month contracts so you get to experience the best of both worlds as far as off-line and

online marketing is concerned.