Tiina Zilliacus, Founder and CEO, has 15 years of publishing, analytics-, marketing- and business development experience from international mobile and games businesses. She is also a former Nokia Director and start-up CEO.


Sami Liikanen joined the team as co-founder from Rovio Entertainment. Sami has strong background in indie game development and is a well-rounded developer with diverse skills. As lead developer Sami is responsible for client side programming at Gajatri Studios.


Tero Mäntylä joined the team as co-founder from Rovio Entertainment. Tero is experienced developer with diverse skills from both indie game as well as software platform development. Tero is responsible for server side & tool programming.


Kira Hagstrom
is responsible for community management and social media channels at Gajatri Studios. Before our team, Kira has worked in digital and customer loyalty marketing roles in two Finnish advertising agencies.


Vesa Raudasoja is an avid gamer with long testing experience and is responsible for testing at Gajatri Studios. He is also IGDA Finland Lead Coordinator and active Game Jam organiser.


Jani Hämäläinen joined the team from Digital Chocolate. Jani is a versatile game artist who has been a part of ten released standalone game title productions, from java browser games to Facebook and iOS.

Sami, Tero, Jani and Tiina have worked 2 years together before Gajatri Studios so they are a solid team having cumulatively over 40 years of games development and publishing business experience. Company employs also a network of freelancers in game testing and analytics.

Gajatri Studios has been funded by Finnish family office Dreadnought Finance (Juha, Johanna and Julia Jouhki), business angel Leena Niemistö and Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes.


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