Gajatri Studios

Developer of Yoga Retreat, world’s first yoga-themed mobile simulation game. Team who knows how to make play and well-being meet. Products where fun games mechanic, free2play business model and authentic well-being content integrate. Based in Helsinki, Finland.

Mindful Watch

Mindful Watch is an easy tool for better breathing and more mindfulness available for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Android Wear. Use your smart watch to measure heart rate before and after practice!


Yoga Pulse

Yoga Pulse enables you to have a healthier yoga practice by monitoring heart rate while you practice. You can also build your own yoga sequences with the app.

Breath Watch

With Breath Watch you can complete 3-10min breathing practices where-ever, when-ever and also follow how breathing influences your heart and stress levels. Applications integrate mobile devices, heart rate monitors and smart watches into playful well-being content.



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