Falling in love..

..with your own product feels just wonderful!

I’ve never thought of my relationship to new product development this way before, but yes, this time I’ve definitely found “the right one” with the yoga game based on how it feels to be doing it.

Taking a few steps back, this crush of mine would definitely not be possible without few very practical things. First of all, game development has been proceeding incredibly well. Sami Liikanen joined Gajatri Studios as main developer of the product and is doing an amazing job in helping me out in everything. Sami has worked previously for Rovio Entertainment and Ironstar Helsinki. Also, I’ve been lucky to find really professional software and graphical designers to UI, character and item design to help us out with the game. These folks are not laughing at my dream (nor to this love affair I am having for that matter!), but instead are taking it surely towards beta capability.

Last week we had user tests for the first playable prototype and got valuable feedback from testers. Most of the corrections have now been made to core loop, and we are proceeding to second phase adding more content and features. Many of my Facebook friends and ex-colleagues have offered help for testing the game. It truly feels that we are supported by a lot of people in what we are doing. This is really valuable to me as the development phase without real customers would not be serving its purpose.

For now it definitely looks like we will reach beta capability in exactly planned schedule i.e. around end May. I will not release the details what the story and theme will be in the game until then, but core loop is about playing with yoga practises, learning them yourself and after that teaching them to others.

With the words of one of the play testers: “this game is really good because you do not have any guilt of playing it as at the same time while playing and having fun you learn about yoga as a kind of side kick”. Exactly my target. Also, how to live without guilt is a major driver in yoga, so happy to live my yoga “off the mat” and to deliver joy (not guilt) to folks with the game we’re building.

Have a great spring weekend everyone!

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