Take me down to the paradise island!

Some of the feedback we’ve received regarding the Kickstarter campaign is that from player point of view we reveal too little what’s going on in the game… So we decided to let you know that all of this practising and teaching of yoga will take place in your own little tropical paradise island. In addition […]

Kickstarter update #2

The social yoga game will also feature a yoga cat (cats are natural yogis and yoginis!) that will help you to start the fun. Yoga cat will also every once in a while appear to show you a few ideas how to make your play session more healthy to your neck, shoulders and spine…

Kickstarter campaign kicks off

Free to be published immediately A Finnish well-being games entrepreneur’s social yoga game seeks crowdfunding A Finnish well-being games entrepreneur’s Tiina Zilliacus’ yoga-themed Facebook game is seeking funding via US based crowdfunding service Kickstarter. Crowdfunding means collection of small amounts of funding from large number of people. Zilliacus’ company, Gajatri Studios, started a campaign in […]


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