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Yoga Retreat has been soft launched! is the address to go. In addition to practising and teaching yoga to customers and curing their ailments, there is bunch of other stuff to do:

Steam Room

The Steam Room is your first building project and quest line starts at level 6. It is meant to relieve the Achy Muscles you get from practising all that yoga! It functions only once every six hours, but you can use your friends’ steam rooms as well (have you invited any?!).

Juice Bar

The Juice Bar is one of the major building projects in the game and quest line starts at level 8. Once it is ready, you can start making nourishing juices from the various ingredients collectable in your and your friends’ resorts. Juices earn you money and they are used in helping customer ailments.


The Beach is a new extension to your resort that unlocks a new set of restorative yoga poses.  Quest line starts at level 18. These restorative poses can only be performed at the Beach. The Beach will feature four mat spaces and a wall, plus a space for meditative walking.


Reputation is a measure of how much your customers like your resort! Reputation is gained by being helpful and effective in teaching yoga at the retreat. A neat resort helps (remember all of those leaves?!), also your customers do not like the sight of worn yoga mats. Reputation increases the payoff from teaching customers. Completing juice bar enables reputation.


Advancing in yogic practises is the ultimate goal for your game character. To advance in yogic path, you must collect six virtues: Generosity, Truth, Kindness, Happiness, Practice and Purity. Completion of Beach enables virtues. Practice is gained by practicing yoga. Meditative and restorative poses increase Happiness. Truth comes from helping people with ailments, while Purity comes form keeping yourself and your environment clean. Generosity is gained by refreshing your friends’ mats and resources and having your friends try out yoga poses at your resort. Kindness  is gained by picking leaves at your friends’ resorts and having your friends visit your steam room.

Have fun while playing!!

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