Pioneer of the future

Many people ask me still why to make a yoga game? I’ve been trying to blog about it in here during the whole development process, but hey, one more post for the road (you can stop reading now if you already know)!

First of all, game has been made keeping in mind people who like to play casual games, and are new, or relatively new to yoga practise.

As an enthusiastic yoga practitioner myself, I often hear people tell me that they have a hurdle of going into yoga classes because they do not understand why asanas are practised, or the logic of the flow, or do not recognize the pose names etc.

If you are practising yogi or yogini with 90 min asana and 30 min pranayama practise every morning, I fully embrace the fact that this may not be THE GAME for you. Not all the people in the world are like that though..

Hundreds of millions of people are playing games online. Games tend to be mostly about war, fighting and competition. Yoga Retreat aims to be a daily gaming oasis where you can while playing, learn something new on yoga and if you so wish, make some simple exercises by the computer. Be nice to your friends, help them out, practise kindness etc.

There has been a lot of discussion lately on concept of yoga watering down, as most people perceive asana practise to equal yoga. Asana has been a very good introduction for me personally on some more subtle aspects of yoga. I also think that Krishnamacharya’s guru, who asked him to share the message in a way masses would understand, would be happy about us being excited about asana in the west. Anyway, if you do it for a long time, practise will lead you to understand that there is something more to yoga and seek for more understanding. If yogis of India decided to share yoga by introducing asana, I feel it is in the spirit of yoga to continue to innovate on how yoga practise is shared!

Don’t forget to play:!

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