Courage to find out!

We have been patiently developing the game economy since the soft launch of Yoga Retreat in early August, and now it seems that in addition to a product, we also start to have a working business model. This obviously is quite a relief for a small company!

Gajatri Studios was founded a year ago to fill the white space in between casual games and well-being. When contemplating on what we’ve achieved during the first year, I realized some important things that have started to grow inside of company DNA.

First of all, we are a small team, which has made us incredibly efficient in prioritizing what we do and in which order. We’ve also conquered the fear of not launching (=fear of failure) by going to the market with partly finished product, and thus been able to start the process of endless improvement related to online games production very early on. Now, we learn and apply every week. We are a company with a product, business model and a culture of how to do things. Especially the last part makes me really happy.

But, if I’d choose one thing that will make the most difference when going forward…

I would say that the ability to tolerate the not knowing and related emptiness this inevitably brings, as well as being driven by the joy of search, is truly important within a small company. Not knowing is a profound discomfort. It makes you worried and restless. It makes people around you worried and restless. This stuff will tempt you to look for cover and fill in the pages of your business like you’ve always filled them instead of rewriting the parts that need to be rewritten. So, having the courage of not knowing and at the same time the honest discipline to find out, would be my choice!

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