Yoga Retreat coming to iOS!

Happy to share officially that Yoga Retreat iOS development has been started. Among other things this project has kept us pretty busy from e.g. updating this development blog!

Us by the way means again a bigger number of people than last year, ex-colleague and friend Tero Mäntylä joined Gajatri Studios from Rovio Entertainment. Both Sami and myself are truly happy to get such a senior developer to join our team. All of us have worked earlier together which makes the second time double the fun, so join us in welcoming Tero warmly to the team.

Yoga Retreat on iOS will be more need driven game than the earlier Facebook version of the IP. Customers will be wanting your constant attention. Also yoga on the sofa, i.e. trying out yourself yoga poses while playing the game, will be encouraged in the mechanics. We are super-excited about this new version already in its development phase, and obviously push to get this all out to your hands before the summer.

So a lot of good stuff ongoing. I’ll be posting now a bit more often with more details on the iOS product and our first round of equity funding!


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